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Why is my DAB pen blinking green 10 times?

Why is my DAB pen blinking green 10 times?

why is my vape blinking - UsonicigMany vapers will run into a problem, Why is my vape blinking? Some batteries vape pen will blink 3 times to indicate a short circuit. all you need is to waiting and vaping again for less 10 seconds.when there is no enough Tapping on the device shows either a green, yellow or red-light indicating battery with green being 

Why is my wax pen blinking 10 times? When I try and charge itAug 3, 2020 — Why is my wax pen blinking 10 times? When I try and charge it, the charger's little light stays green when plugged in. What do I do? I have tried everything and Vape blinking 10 times | E-Cigarette ForumMy boyfriends brother gave me a vape. he didn't want it anymore because he didn't use it. it it worked for about a minute and then started blinking 10 times. we took the battery out a little to Charge it till the light turns green

Why is my vape blinking?! | Electric TobacconistWHY IS MY VAPE PEN BLINKING? · WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY JUUL · My Juul Won't Hit · My Juul Won't Charge · Juul Blinking Green · Juul Blinking Yellow · Juul 

Evod electronic vape pen blinking 10 times : electronic_cigaretteJan 6, 2017 — So i got this 1 week old vape pen when i charged it the charger goes green it means its (charged) and tried to isert back the atomizer the light …G slim vaporizer blinking 10 times? | Grasscity Forums - TheJun 14, 2017 — I literally just got a gpen slim and now whenever I try and hit it, it blinks ten times. Yes, my password is: I played with the center pin in the battery to try and make the connection the the atomizer better but it When I screw the battery onto the charger it's red then once I screw it all the way in it turns green

Vape Pen Blinking 10 Times If a dead a Vape Pen Battery whether it blinks 3 Pen Blinking Green? Troubleshooting cbd when I was is My Vape Pen times, 10 times, Fix a kid If your pen 2nd battery in a row blinking 10 times (only) when connectedJul 25, 2013 — After connecting, it only blinks 10 times regardless of holding down or tapping No vape being produced. Second one in past week where this 

Why is my Vape Pen Blinking? - VaporessoSep 25, 2020 — When you pressing power button 3 times continuously, the indicator light blinking green it indicates that the vape pen switches to high mode Why is My Vape Pen Blinking With Cartridge in? | VaporFiApr 16, 2019 — Why Does My Vape Pen Keeps Blinking Even When the Cartridge is In? as the LED light changes from green to red as the battery discharges. And, a short circuit causes the device to flash three times and shut down. light that will blink when the battery reaches a power level of 10 percent or less

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